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A Destination to Feel Beyond Senses.

  • The beautiful Azalea is a woody shrub that never grows into a tree
  • But the pink flowers on the Azalea are so beautiful to see
  • In the cool to warm days of October when Spring is in the air
  • And beautiful Mother Nature flowers on her green cloak wear,
  • How lovely the Azalea in the cool shade of the trees
  • In her mass of pinkish flowers gently stirring in the breeze
  • Such a thing of natural beauty for to beautify the Spring
  • In the nice days of October when the nesting song birds sing,
  • In her tiny leaves of light green and her mass of bright pink flowers
  • The Azalea she is blooming in the sunshine and Spring showers
  • But time it keeps on ticking and the years go quickly by
  • And how many more Octobers will I live for to enjoy?
  • The sight of the beautiful Azalea in her pink flowers in the shade
  • A thing of such rare beauty by Nature only made.
  • Francis Duggan

Happy Family

About Azalea

Azalea is situated in the Shivalik Range of Himalayas, overlooking Bhagirathi River and Koteshwar Dam. On a clear morning between chirping birds, lush green surrounding a beautiful snowclad Himalayan range adds to the divine feeling of serenity and tranquility. Move along the riverside towards Koteshwar Dam or towards Tehri Dam with a view of lush green mountains and turquoise color Bhagirathi River which instills peace into the soul. Relax on the Tehri Dam view point. A visit to the Koteshwar Mahadev Temple and a holy dip on a hot summer day after good trek of 1000 meters downhill rejuvenates body, mind and soul. Azalea is "A Destination To Feel Beyond Senses" where one can leave behind stress of citylife and just relax, laze around among the beautiful trees of Devdaar, Himalayan Oak/ Banjh (local tree with great ability to conserve water below it), Pine, Rhododendron, variety of fruit trees and flowers while your mind rejuvenates itself.

  • Best Value for Family

    Azalea provides 2 Duplex Family Suites, 2 Family Suites and 1 Executive Room with all the luxuries of a luxurious resort.

  • Beautiful Panaroma

    All the accommodations are oriented to have the most Spectacular Mountain & River view.

  • Best Services & Facilities

    All the accommodations at AZALEA offer Luxurious Comfort, Lavish & Modern Amenities .

  • Enjoy Your Time

    Azalea is a passion of few likeminded souls and we hope to bring the same passion and excitement when you visit Azalea.